How to download the movie to your Iphone?

Use video downloader app to save .wmv or .mp4 format movies on your IPhone!
My Pay per view offers .wmv format. Members area offers .wmv and .mp4

In App store download free or buy video downloader (like Video Converter for iPhone).

How does pay-per-view work?

After you make your payment you will get access to the movie download page. The link will be also send to your email address. You have 48 hours to download the video. If you need more time you may email with your order number or full name.

What format is the movie in?

It is Windows Media Player format (.wmv). After you download, you should see: name.wmv If you don't get .wmv as default try typing it in.

How do I download the movie?

PC users: You need Windows Media Player to download the video. It is recommended to save the video first and than watch it. To save a video on your hard drive simply right click on the link and 'Save Target As' (in Internet Explorer) or 'Save Link As' in (in Netscape). There you choose where the video is saved on your hard drive. After you save the video, it is yours forever, and you can watch any time you want. Try to save a free preview video to see if it works for you.

Mac users: click and hold the mouse down over the download button on your confirmation page and the option key at the same time. Then drag it to the "Save to Disk" selection that pops up when this is done correctly.
You can also download flip 4 Mac that will allow you play Windows Media Video on your Mac.

Where can I get Windows Media Player?

Click HERE and you will get free, newest version of the media player.

I can't download the video. What do I do?

Read answer to question "How to Download the Video" and if it still doesn't work email You may also try to reinstall your Windows Media /player or use different browser.

When I try "Save Target As" option, I get the extension .php.

Change it to .wmv , so it will be name.wmv

I use AOL's browser. Can I still download the video?

I recommend Netscape or Explorer, but if AOL works for you that's fine. If it doesn't try another browser such as the ones recommended or Safari, Opera, or Firefox.

I have downloaded movies long time ago but my computer crashed and I lost it all. What can I do?

To avoid this sort of issue, it is recommended to burn the movies on a CD or a DVD asap. I am not responsible for lost movies. If you purchased the movies within last 2-3 months I can reactivate them.

Does membership to give me access to your pay-per-view videos?

No, Pay-Per-View means you pay per viewing each video. The membership offers different exclusive content. Click HERE to get more info about membership.

If I purchase a video, what name will appear on my credit card?

M9 Communications.

My credit card is good, but I can't purchase the video. What should I do?

Make sure you type all the billing information as it says on your statement. It is very sensitive to prevent fraud.

What is a CVV number and where do I find it?

Here is a pictoral explanation.

How many movies can I buy?

You can make 3 purchases within 24 hours. Each purchase may have multiple movies.

I have paid for the video but I got an empty page for download. What can I do?

You need to have cookies enabled to have the video go through. Email to have your videos set up. To enable cookies in Internet Explorer 6 and above:

  1. From Internet Explorer's Tool drop-down menu, choose Internet Options.
  2. Click on Privacy tab.
  3. The default setting is Medium, which will allow you to accept cookies. To change this setting, move the slider to determine which setting you prefer. If your setting has been set to Custom, click the Advanced button and choose Accept Cookies.
  4. Click Apply and then OK.

Can I pay for Pay per view movies with cash?

Yes you can pay cash, money order or check but you need to buy for at least $60. On Money order or check leave "pay to the order" line blank. Cash wrap it well in a paper. Mail to:

Mistress with dungeon in Tucson Arizona

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