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"Karin's Meet Rack visit"

I heard about God in Tucson. He lives in his bar, which he runs on Drachman street. It is called Meet Rack. One day I decided to visit God since I heard he has a dungeon in his bar. I took with me a 20 year old girl visiting me from Germany. I just introduced her to some BDSM, which she found very interesting. I discovered she liked being exposed and played with. I thought Meet Rack might be a great place to take her.

God is a full bore sex obsessed pervert. He showed us his dungeon. I tried all the wheels, gyno chairs and stocks out on my friend. While she was in the stocks I removed her bra exposing her just pierced and ringed nipples. I asked for a whip and bartender brought me one. I whipped my friends tits and her ass. She was trying to get out but I could see she really liked it. She liked the idea of being forced to do all of it. Well I guess she went out with the right person.

The Meet Rack bartender tries to embarrass us by putting a big dildo on a counter right in front of my friend. I think it embarrassed her. I decided that he needs a spanking for being naughty. Outside next to the concrete ping pong table God has a mighty concrete throne. I asked the bartender if I could have a picture of him over my lap. I was sitting in God's throne and I got the bartender across my lap. He was expecting a picture but he got a real spanking. I wonder if that was his first one.

My friend watched his face. She said it got all red. He did not object and willingly submitted. He got a big hard on that I felt between my legs. My girl was blushing and giggling and I decided that she should enjoy the exposure of a panties down spanking by me on God's throne. This went over big with the barflies that gathered around to watch. There was one slightly inebriated young man that would not shut up and kept yammering to me as if he was my best friend. If I ever go back to visit God again and that man is there he is getting a pants down about the knees bare ass paddling in front of his friends.

Yes it was lots of fun. I just hope God didn't mind me taking over his bar for a while and spanking his bartender. I think they only get submissive women there. They have a routine they use to embarrass them. I don't think they were ready for Mistress Karin's visit.


It started in June 2000. I intended to sell 2 movies in which I participated in. I needed some pictures to put on the website. They were done with film camera. The day after I posted the pictures I got messages with complements. That was a surprise. Somebody has found them!

One day I walked out of store and there was a camper outside showing the capabilities of a Polaroid digital camera. The guy took my picture and he printed it right away. I have never seen anything like it. I was amazed. I bought the camera. It is hard to believe that it was only 10 years ago. Nobody had digital cameras then. Barely anybody knew about them. I still took some pictures with film camera and I went to Fry’s to have them printed. One of the pictures had me wearing the dildo. When I came back to pick them up the lady that was supposed to print them said; she would not do it as they are inappropriate. Well I was shocked since she was not supposed to look at them just print them. I didn’t find it so inappropriate wearing a dildo. I knew that this was the end of film cameras. I have never used one since then.

In 2001 I bought a laptop with movie editing software. Then I got the idea I can make movies myself and put them on the web site. There were just few places on the Internet were you could find movies at that time. Everybody was catching up with digital cameras and taking pictures. That’s why first movies were very short and not good quality. But it was the first time you could download it on your computer.

Now the movies are everywhere.
Unfortunately they become a target for thieves that post them illegally on other web sites. They have no appreciation for somebody’s hard work to create them. So, thank you for buying my content and not stealing it. Your payment is necessary to create more and better pictures and movies. Here, I want to thank George for volunteering to fight with pirates. He does a great job.

Since then I have learned to make web sites and to edit movies. I heard from few reviews that my web site is plain. Well, I don’t sell web design. I focus on the content. My intension is to make it different from everybody else’s. I don’t try to impress you with a cool web design. All I want from my web site is to be easy to navigate.

I want to thank you for being with me for all these years. Thank you for your help, compliments and suggestion. I couldn’t have done it with out you!
There is more great stuff coming. So keep coming back.
Thank you for all the gifts you have given me. I truly appreciate them.


Long time ago I bought a book. It was called “Erotica Universalis" by Taschen.
There, I came across a section, which featured the drawings of FemDom art by Bernard Montorgueil. Each of his pictures tells its own story. I was immediately struck by the revelation that this man had captured the essence of the way that I felt about domination.
I identified with the dominant women in those pictures. I even was empathetic with the furniture and clothing style of the period.

All of the men in the drawings are innocent of sexual intentions. One of the pictures is of a boy scout with his short pants down around his knee socks. A woman is holding him down and sitting on his embarrassingly hard cock. The men have been captured and held to be used by these dominant determined women.
It is the women that bear all of the guilt of desire and lust. The men are whipped, tortured and made to satisfy the carnal needs of these women.
The women keep these men in cages so that when the sexual whim strikes them they can come in anytime, in any attire. They take off just enough clothing so that the venereal parts of their bodies are exposed to use the men.
The men are branded to mark them as slaves in bondage. They are exposed, humiliated, immobilized, gagged, pierced and trampled.

I have deliberately used the ideas and themes contained in the drawings as inspiration for some of my videos. Underneath are few of my favorite pictures by Bernard Montorgueil.


Every one is good at some thing. They have been praised for their work. And others have told them of the pleasure that they get from what they do. That satisfaction from doing something well prompts them to say in their mind "I can do better, I can do more." Because they love the feeling of doing something well they will gladly spend the time in practice and imagination, forever following the human spirit in its quest for the exultation that comes when you "go for it." You don’t see it very often but I am sure Vincent van Gogh felt it and it prompted his friend Paul Gauguin to say, "You paint too fast." It is there when you see the old film of Elvis singing Heart break Hotel; You see the joy and the power. Or Janis Joplin at the Monterey Pop Festival when she sang Ball and Chain. You can see Mamma Cass in the audience mouth –WOW!

When you see my pictures or experience my presence I want you to say WOW!!!

I don’t want you to be satisfied:

I want you to be amazed.

This is how I feel about my work.

It is not an intelligent act to ask an artist to explain who they are and what they do in words. Their art is the communication. What they want you to understand is resolved and expounded in the work itself. If they would have wanted to reveal their spirit to the world in words then that’s how they would have done it. There is nothing left of Betty Paige but her pictures. No one knows if she got married, got religion, had children, where she lives or if she lives. There is hardly a written word attributed to her. But these pictures are enough. Every bit of her gift can be realized and appreciated from what remains.

It is impossible to articulate my spirit when I am totally naked, completely aroused, and working with a man under my control. I go for it. I risk all. I have lost all concern for what other people might think.

I want you to feel my joy and power.

I hope this comes across in my website, my pictures, my videos, or my sessions. They reveal all that I want you to know about me.

Karin von Kroft

The Best Strict and Sensual Dominatrix Karin von Kroft
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